Life Drawings

Again last night I had an idea for a story whilst reading ‘The Book of Promethea’. That’s the second time since reading it and I’m only half way through! I shot up and ran straight to my notebook to jot the idea down. Then I put it down, and picked up the book again. But the urge to write was a little too strong and I ended up writing it. I think popping out a first draft of a story is quite good for an hours work.

The story is called ‘Life Drawings’ (working title). It’s written in a child’s voice again, I do love that voice. It is short, just over 1,000 words. The idea is that the story depicts a friendship between the narrater and a boy called Oscar, who the child makes up as a way of dealing with her abusive homelife. The story is light, with very dark undertones, much like ‘The Mummy Tree’. When it’s polished, I’ll stick it up on here.

Maybe I could compile a bunch of short stories with this idea in kind in the future. I can think of three or four stories I have written in the last year that could be included.

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