Bridport Prize

Howdy! Written in the Stars redraft is going slowly – trying to fit it in with Uni work and work work is difficult! I hope that I havn’t bitten off more than I can chew…

I have been thinking about my entries to the Bridport prize… the prize is too good to pass off a try. Not just the money, but the literary prestige. I was going to submit ‘The Mummy Tree’ (see the ‘stories’ section), but I looked at the rules and it can’t have been posted publicly before! Booooo! So I think I will look at ‘Life Drawings’, the story I spoke about a few months ago. It has a similar voice and dark undertone so perhaps I can polish it off a bit.

I have been working at the library a lot this weekend. I love my job 🙂 Who would have thought reading and writing would go so well together…!  My fellow librarians are so supportive of my writing too, it’s really nice to have that wall behind you. I think it is underestimated what a kind word can do to someone’s day…! 🙂 Therefore, as I am feeling particularly nice, if anyone wants me to take a look at their site’s out there, I will be happy to give you some feedback!

Over and out.

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One Response to Bridport Prize

  1. emmajcooper says:

    As I have been reading all of your posts, I started to remember how I felt when I started to write my first novel.
    The anticipation of wondering if it was good enough, wondering whether to people you have allowed to read it are telling you the truth.
    I hope everything works out for you, and will inform you you that the day you sign that contract with your agent is the happiest day of your life.
    Also, feel feel to check out my blog if you like. I would love to converse with another aspiring writer. 🙂

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