Perpetual Nervous Excitement

Well… I sent off ‘Written in the Stars’ to the literary agent last night! I must have checked through those three chapters a thousand times… I think they are the best I can make them. I was shaking when I pressed the send button, I just sat looking at the email for quite some time – daring myself to do it. But then I thought, if I don’t send it, how will I ever get what I want for it? So there we are…

Hopefully I’ll hear something in the next few weeks. This morning, I’ve had the nervous-excited feeling I used to get before going on stage at school. My gut is writhing. My bones are twitching. My lungs have forgotten how to inflate properly. I’ve told my house mates that the next few weeks will either be one of immense distress or one of immense elevation… let’s hope it is the latter!

I know it is not the end of the world if nothing comes from it.  But fingers crossed something does!

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