Chapters 7, 8, 9

Thanks for the comments on my last post, they really helped to get my head around the last three chapters of ‘Written in the Stars’! I decided to keep them, but was quite ruthless with cutting. Basically if it had no business being there, it went.

I have now began editing chapters 7, 8 and 9: much more exciting! Chapter 9 is quite pivotal: it is where the protagonist, Cassie, finds that her main concern is no longer how she is dealing with her mother’s death, but with how she might be getting feelings for her best friend. It is quite an emotional roller-coaster, one that I am pleased I have already tackled and written. Hopefully I’ll have my first check done by this evening. 

In other news, I am enjoying #fridayflash, a flash ficiton community that allows writers to share their short creative works via twitter. I have read some good ones in the past few weeks! My plan is to open a new tab on this blog site in order to post my own stuff. I might wait until after degree time is over for that though! I am reading at Speech Acts on Monday, so if you are around Loughborough, UK, come and watch! I will be reading a piece inspired by the Peter Pan statue in Great Ormond Street Hospital. I also hope to submit something to next month’s short fuse and the 2010 Earnest Frost Prize, which I won last year.

Any writing competition that gets you writing is great. What is there to lose?

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