Review of the Twilight Saga

As I am still waiting for the agent to get back to me, I have lost myself in the Twilight Saga. It didn’t take me long to read them: I think more time was spent wrestling the copies from young adults at the library than actually reading them. I think first, before I say anything about them, it is important to know what kind of reader I am. I am a romantic – I love a good love story. I love strong characters and slow-building love scenes, I always have. ‘Written in the Stars’ is actually, a lot like Twilight but without the vampires! Then again, I have just completed a degree in English Literature, and I have my critic head on too.

So here we are. The Twilight books are, I am afraid to say, badly written. I am sure there are those who will agree. There are so many inconsistencies that I struggled to get through them and believe the story at times. The descriptions have their moments, but so do GCSE student’s language papers, I expect. However, I bloody loved Twilight. I couldn’t put it down. Although my critic head wanted to burn what I was reading, my romantic schoolgirl head wished that I too, was involved in vampire action. I read each book in a day and sacrificed sleep to read on: something a book hasn’t made me do since I grew up with Harry Potter.

I can’t pinpoint why Twilight hooked me as strongly as it did. I wish I could, because Meyer has stumbled upon a kind of writing that YAs adore (just look at the bestseller lists!). I would LOVE to duplicate that kind of feeling in my own writing, but what Meyer does that creates that effect is beyond me. So, in answer to the question many-a-critic has asked: ‘Why is Twilight so popular?’ I answer: because, deep down, although the plot is at times awful, and the language is second grade, the characters are loveable: clumsy Bella is every teenager I know, including YA me. The love story builds slowly: we know where it is going, and it’s so irritating that it takes so long to get there, but that is what keeps you reading. I wanted to get there. From a romantic point of view: Twilight is exciting and escapist and captures the imagination of the young adult (and me).

So there we are. This is how I see Twilight, feel free to comment and portray your own views! In other news, whilst I am here, I got a first class honours degree and I am over the moon 🙂 bring out the bubbly!

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3 Responses to Review of the Twilight Saga

  1. Emma says:

    I have to agree with you on all statements. Though, I am not a romance novel lover, I could not but the book down and want to know more.
    There were a lot of inconsistencies, which bothered me to no end. But the story holds its own, by drawing you in.
    Most out there love a good romance novel, where I am otherwise inclined. That is why I have avoided it at all costd, with my own book series, but kept the vampire part lol.
    With saying that, the day your book hits book shelves, be sure to inform me and I will run down to the book store and purchase a copy. Maybe I’m still a romantic at heart. 😉

    • Haha, thanks Emma. Maybe there is a bit of romance in everyone! You can count on the fact that I will be buying the Constance series too! Looking forward to seeing your take on the vampire myth.

  2. Emma says:

    Sorry just read my comment, and realised I should have checked what I had typed. Hope you can still understand it. 😉

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