Writing Jonathan

I have sent Written in the Stars off to my first 3 agents. The plan is to send them off three at a time until I finish The Existence of Jonathan, then I will be sending that off instead. I will keep posting on the results! Nothing so far, I am expecting to hear back in 4-6 weeks as they are such big firms.

In the mean time, I have been slowly getting through writing Jonathan. The first ten chapters were a doddle to write: I have already written 25ooo words and I have only been writing a few weeks! But then again, I have been chewing this idea over for so long now that my fingers just run on autopiliot. I am on chaper 14 now and I am hitting a bit of a wall. I am getting close to the end, or at least the final 3 dramatic moments. I have written one, but it is knowing what to put in between these to break it up that is the trouble. Sometimes I just sit infront of my laptop, not having a clue where Jonathan is going, and then I just start writing. Sometimes it works well, I am am excited to see where my mind takes him. But lately it seems a bit strained. I will be doing some later though, I am hoping to do a chapter a day. The whole thing needs editing like crazy of course, so it’s a long way from being finished! But the bones are getting there.

An unpublished friend of mine has asked me to read and review her book ‘Constance’, which I will be posting on here in the next few days. Keep checking back!

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One Response to Writing Jonathan

  1. Emma Cooper says:

    I understand the feeling of when you get stuck. It has happened to me so often on my second novel, it is starting to become annoying.
    Don’t worry if it doesn’t flow as easy as it did in the beginning, you’ll find that all of a sudden you’ll have a burst of desire and the writing will flow from your fingers like magic.

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