First Draft

Well! I found myself writing the conclusion of Jonathan last night. That is it written. Strange, but true. I just got a bit carried away. I wrote and didn’t check for spelling. It was like telling a dream: I had to get it out of my head as fast as possible before I forgot it. Now it’s down on paper. Good times.

Now for the hard part. Editing. I’m going to (try) and leave it a few days. I will read it through, out loud to myself and hope no one is passing by, as I’m sure I will sound like a mad person. Then I will probably end up deleting most of it and rewriting it! But hey, that what re-drafting is for.

I’m not sure the end chapter is all it could be, and I need to make sure I SHOW Jonathan’s inner turmoil, as I have a tendency to tell. Most of my first draft is Jonathan moaning. I’ll need to look at that. I can show John is upset by his actions or through other characters, as it is in third person. I need to trust my reader and let THEM judge him, not provide a judgement for them.

These are just a few of the things I will be mulling over in the next few days on my ‘break’. It is hard not to be addicted to writing Jonathan though, and I am sure that I am going to fail miserably at staying away…

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2 Responses to First Draft

  1. Emma says:

    Great stuff! But I am intrigued with your method of writing. It shows how every writer does things differently. You write an entire novel and then edit. Where I go chapter by chapter. I think mine would be the slower process and is probably why I hit walls all the time. Perhaps I should attempt your method… Anyway, keep up the good work and as always my fingers are crossed for you and your future writing career.

    • Thanks! I am pleased the review was ok for you, I did enjoy the read! I’m not sure my writing technique is the greatest one, but it seems to be the way that suits my impatience. It’s a shame that I’m left with quite a tangle to unknot now – I imagine it’s going to bring tears to my eyes! But it is all an adventure. Hope Shadows is going ok, best of luck!

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