Wanted: TIPS!

I read through Jonathan. Some bits are lovely. Most, are not! There are major flaws in my first draft and I have found trying to pinpoint them almost impossible.

My setting needs looking at: I’m trying to think up really interesting landscapes. The character of the ‘Writer’, the antagonist, needs developing. Her current role doesn’t work and I’m working on trying to make her seem more like an actual person: with flaws and needs, rather than just a voice.

So, how to fix this: I have been guzzling writing tips in the last few days in hope that someone out there can tell me what to do to fix my lovely novel. There are some really good ones out there, and I urge anyone who is tearing their hair out trying to get their head around what they are writing to do the same. Listening to people who have been there, done that and ordered it into simple ‘rules’ really helped me step outside of my work and look at how Jonathan functions as a narrative. When I knew that, it was easier to see where I was going wrong. I’m not saying that all rules should be followed, but I think that it is important to understand the rules of fiction writing before breaking them. I havn’t managed to pinpoint all my wrong doings yet however, and so any pointers you may have are more than welcome 🙂

A good place to start is @valerievaldes blog http://bit.ly/95PHQa – some of the stuff on here has helped me with my characters, and maybe it will help you too!

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