New ending: New beginning

After weeks of procrastination under claims that I am ‘working it all out in my head’, I actually started the re-write Jonathan today. I won’t lie, the weeks I have been mulling over Jonathan and tearing out my hair trying to understand what is wrong with it have been helpful, but not as helpful as actually writing.

I decided that the biggest dent in the plot of Jonathan was the existence of the antagonist; my fictional ‘writer’. In a nutshell, my antogonist used to begin each chapter with a few mean comments directed at Jonathan, mostly about how he had no control over what he was doing and about how she was going to bend him to her will. It didn’t work. She was an angry voice with no substance. It was confusing to me, let alone the reader! So I saved the draft and then deleted everything she said. I wrote a character study, hauling up my days as a drama a-level student to give this woman a back story and a personality. As the fictional writer of the story and as the antagonist, I do worry a little that people will think it is me, writing myself into the story. But is isn’t, honest. I’m not that vindictive (I hope) and I do not have an ex-husband called Bill. Not as far as I know anyway.

So, with her scenes written now in parts instead of prologues to chapters, I feel happier with her character. It makes a bit more sense. Next, I re-wrote the ending, when the writer comes into Jonathan’s world. It didn’t work in the old ending at all! It all got a bit ‘Truman Show’. So I wrote out the whole chapter again, trying to pause between moments rather than let my fingers get ahead of themselves. I am pleased with it, as a draft. It is much better. I still have mountains to do though! But that is a task for tomorrow.

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