Half way there

Hello all! Sorry not to have posted in a while, there is no excuse I am just a disgrace!

My re-write of ‘The Existence of Jonathan’ is going well. I have had a few days where I have actually thought that re-writing it is making it better, so that’s always good! It’s amazing what a few good days here and there can do. I am about half way through looking at it at the moment. I’m changing it quite a lot because the first draft was just that: a first draft. There are still many more drafts to come, but I am getting there. Slowly.

I am starting to go to a few more writing grounps in my local area around work time. It’s actually really fun! Both listening to the work of other writers and reading and getting feedback on my own. I’m sure some of you are, like me, worried of posting their work onlin efor feedback to some extent incase some little tea leaf decides to rip it off. But face to face, that worry is gone. No one remembers it word for word! Go fourth and look up your local groups! There will be one! Feedback is so useful. It either makes me feel like the book I am writing is actually worth reading, or gives me the tools I need to make it so. The people in my groups are responding wonderfully to the Jonathan I am reading (500 words here and there). It’s such a boost.

Feel free to drop me any comments, it is always lovely to meet newbies and to re-connect with the oldies too! What are you working on at the mo?

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One Response to Half way there

  1. Emma says:

    Hi Sarah. That’s great news about the writers group, it certainly does help to get some feed back. And speaking of feed back, I have FINALLY posted the review of ‘Written in the Stars’ on my blog pages. I hope you like it, and good luck!! 😉

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