Writing and Reviews

Writing a book is a little like trying to untangle a massive ball of wool in a box. I keep finding knots, but it is impossible to know how to untangle them when I can’t see what I’m doing. So, I have taken the wool out of the box and I have layed it flat. I put my novel in a grid, where for each chapter I have what happens, what my Protagonist wants and what my antagonist wants. That way, I can see where it is going wrong. It has really helped! Battling with the plot and character arcs in my head was like working blind. Fixing the tangles is another matter: some of them are pulled quite tight! But at least I now know where it’s not working.

I am around chapter twenty of my re-write. The table has made me see that I need to go back and write in a few more scenes, but I have decided to carry on with this draft first. I don’t want to keep starting again or I will never sort out the ending! It is going well, I think, and it is really helping that I have such an amazing support group around me. Family and friends are great, as are the wonderful people I have met at the writers groups. Any feedback is good feedback! I’m aiming to get this done by Christmas.

In a similar note, Emma Cooper, a friend and fellow writer has written a review of my first novel ‘Written in the Stars’. It is great to get such positive feedback from someone who has been there and done that. Check it out here: http://cooper.aegauthorblogs.com. Whilst your there, visit Emma’s blog too. It makes for a good read and follows her quest to be published.

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2 Responses to Writing and Reviews

  1. M. McGriff says:

    I know what you mean when you say that writing a book is like a ball of wool! I’m going through my first round of editing and I find myself wondering – where did that plot line go? You gave a great suggestion with outlining what happens in each chapter and I’m definitely going to try that!

    • Hi, from your site it looks like we are both battling with exactly the same things! Making the table has really helped although it is very tedious. Half way through doing it I nearly just deleted the whole thing. I’m pleased I didn’t! If I had enough wall space, I’d do it on post-it notes around my study. What’s your novel about? Let me know if I can help unravel your plot threads! Talking to others about it is by far the best way to take it out the box.

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