Bye bye, novel!

After over a year of thinking, planning, writing, rewriting and editing; yesterday I finally finished a draft of ‘The Existence of Jonathan’ I am proud of! (Saying that, I have just noticed some very embarassing typos… That’s what my readers are for!)

I have sent it out to friends, peers and lovely people to give it a read and let me know if it makes sense/correct the typos I missed on the edit. Now, I am not a mother, but I am pretty sure this feeling I have is like the one mums get on their kids first day of school. An excited, terrified, hopeful but also slightly dubious feeling that doesn’t go away. Ever. Out there, people are reading my novel. Are they liking it? Are they hating it? Do they think I should just give up writing and not bother?

I shall let you know…

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2 Responses to Bye bye, novel!

  1. Ellie says:

    Have you considered hiring an editor? I recently sent a piece that has been checked by so many people, myself included at least 100 times, the amount of errors it came back with was unbelievable.
    It’s not even errors that i would have known to look for…and I always thought I was good at that sort of thing.

    • Hi Ellie. I have heard that sending to an editor is a good plan. Which one did you send to? I think I would need one that I know is trustworthy and fairly cheap! But it is a consideration for the future. I can imagine my novel is full of embarassing typos and bits that don’t make any sense!

      Thanks for the tip.

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