Sending to Agents

For the past week I have been moping around, complaining of the motivational version of writer’s block. The task of sending The Existence of Jonathan to agents and reading rejection after rejection seemed like too big a task.

Today however, I finally got my ass into gear and wrote the damn things. I have no idea what I was waiting for, it really isn’t so bad! I have a cover letter I am fairly pleased with and a synopsis that covers the basics. I found ‘The Writers and Artists Yearbook’ really helpful when composing my cover letter. I have heard from writers who have been here and done that, just how important it is to research the agent you send to. I found a lot of the agent websites really useful, although not all of them segregate their YA authors from the others. This can make searching for similar novels to the one you are sending quite difficult. It involves a lot of googling and sifting through useless articles, but I think it is well worth it. You want to appear professional, and being able to compare your book to one already on their list is a really good way to personalize the submission.

I have sent 2 to UK agents via post and 2 via email. Hopefully this will stop me madly checking my emails and chasing the postman up the road. (In theory, anyway!). Any more than that and it will be hard to keep track. I am guessing that I will learn from each set of rejections, so it will be ‘nice’, in a way, not to demolish all the YA agents in the UK in one, fowl swoop.

Good luck to anyone going through this at the moment! I will keep you updated on the results.

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2 Responses to Sending to Agents

  1. Good luck, Sarah! This story was such an incredible read. I’m so honored I was able to see it. It needs publication!

  2. Good Luck are the famous words, but I know in my heart that you will succeed. You are a brilliant writer, I should know, as I have read one of your beautiful stories.

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