New Starts

Sorry it has been so long since I posted! I have been moving house/city/job so internet and even, I’m sorry to say, writing has taken a back seat for a while. Back in the swing of things now though!

It has been over a month now, and I am still waiting on agents to get back to me (so annoying!). I think it’s time to start again. Yesterday I sat at my brand new window with a brand new view and re-read The Existence of Jonathan. I still enjoyed it, but now, with fresh eyes, I have seen bits that might need rejigging. I have swapped the beginning over slightly so it now starts differently. I think it might still need a bit of work there. What I wish is that someone could just tell me what to do to change it from being a good book, to the kind of book agents will jump at. If only that person existed! I also need to start sending out again. It is hard to find the motivation to do all that research for what will quite possibly be no reason. But this novel is doing nothing sitting on my laptop desktop!

I’m still positive, however. Maybe redrafting will help, who knows. One day I’m getting there: whatever the cost.

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7 Responses to New Starts

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    I haven’t started querying yet, but I’ve submitted a couple of manuscripts to literary mags. It’s really difficult waiting for a response to your work. It’s so good that you’re staying positive! Good luck!

  2. Sarah, you and I think so a like lol Positive thinking. Re-reading your work and playing around with it is sure to help while you wait. But as far as reposting your MS to agents, I suggest the sooner the better πŸ™‚ I know it’s hard, but it will get your mind moving forward and make you focus on the future of your work. That is what I did, especially, when I didn’t want to lol. You are a brilliant writer (as I have seen your work), you just need the right agent to see the possibilities. πŸ™‚

  3. Jessica says:

    Hope the new job is going okay πŸ™‚

    I have recently moved too but now, I am starting to feel a bit more settled, I am doing some redrafting of my novel and sending it back out. An Agent was kind enough to give me some feedback and encouragement.


  4. Debs says:

    Hi Sarah, me too. It’s been about a month since I sent out enquiries to the A-M’s in the Writers and Artists Yearbook. Had about 11 requests for partials and two fulls – one which came back almost immediately! Out of the 11 requests, I probably have 3 left still un-rejected. I hate the R word. This is what’s putting me off doing the remaining M-Z’s – it gets so depressing, doesn’t it?

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