Week 1

So, seven days of crazy writing is over. Obsessively checking my NaNoWriMo stats with every burst of inspiration has taught me that writing 1,666 words a day isn’t impossible – it’s just about right. Missing a day and trying to catch up is much harder. Miss three days? Spend all day Sunday madly typing to catch up, and totally mess up your lovely neat graph by adding a massive spike in the middle.

But what a week it has been! Writing, working, writing some more, even reading, which seems a little bizarre but true. It’s been great! Twitter has been all over it, I’ve had the NaNo hashtag open as a link and I just keep refreshing, comparing my word count to others and laughing as some people voice all the crazy things I am thinking like: ‘Did I really just write that?!’ and ‘I THINK I AM GOING TO DIE!’ It’s been fantastic. I hope you’re all enjoying it as much! Because I have a feeling week two is going to be a wee bit flat. The enthusiasm gone, the cold setting in. At least we have our terribly brilliant stories to keep us going… ha!

End of week one: 10,756 words / 50,000. Only 39,244 words remaining!… Yay, thanks for that info, NaNo…!

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