Re-writing ‘Before I am Buried’ is coming along slowly – I have been working through some of my post-it notes that I featured in my last post and have at least made a start! The writing is still not quite right. I am waiting for some kind of eureka moment where it all suddenly clicks together and works.

The reason for this blog post is that I need to remember that this doesn’t just happen – it takes work. Nothing worth having comes easy. I have been getting a little lazy with my writing lately, hoping that it will all sort itself out. But it isn’t going to – I need to sit down, stop procrastinating, and work at it.

I find that telling myself off on these posts can help motivate me, and that writing this kind of stuff down amplifies something I already know to be true. So, for anyone else out there also feeling a little lazy and deaf to their own advice, I hope this helps get your ass into gear, too. I’m off to splash some water on my face and get to it, because it isn’t going to write itself. And really, I don’t think I would want it to 🙂

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