The Secret Writer

I am really lucky to have an amazing group of friends who are constantly introducing me to new people. Not everyone I know writes or even reads, and I always find it interesting to watch the response of  strangers when I tell them I write. Most of the time it is met with indifference, which I find both entertaining and strange. To me, writing is unbelievably exciting. It’s the main reason I love meeting new people – we are all so different and it is wonderful.

Even stranger are the times I mention writing in a conversation with someone I consider to be a friend, and they look at me surprised, saying they had no idea I wrote. Do I really not talk about writing that often? How can something I think about so much not come out in conversation?

It has got me thinking about the way writers and artists talk about themselves. To tell someone ‘I am writing a novel’ can seem pretentious, and I end up waving it off as something that isn’t such a big deal to counteract this. It’s kind of silly when I think about it, but then everyone doesn’t talk about their job all the time – so why should it be any different? When I am among writers – I talk about writing. When I am around my general friends, I do not. My writing becomes ‘work’. The majority of people I know have no idea what my book is about. I am a secret writer – I have two selves. How exciting.

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