Crossing Genres

Editing is hard work. Any writing I do get done during this stage is often rewriting the odd word or passage, and it’s all very confined. I love writing when it is free to go wherever it wants to. It’s because of this that I thought I’d write something new and small alongside editing ‘Before I am Buried’.

ImageI’ve never given much thought to writing picture books. When I used to work in the library, I used to love reading the new ones that came in the post, but I was so wrapped up in the world of YA, I hadn’t thought of writing one myself. 

One night I was drifting to sleep and a quirky little idea came to me that I sleepily thought ‘that’d make a nice picture book’. I got to work the next day and told the idea to Claire Spinks, a colleague of mine and a rather excellent undiscovered picture-book creator herself. She loved the idea and demanded that I write it. And so I have 🙂

At 400 words, it tells the story of Sun and Moon who have to learn to live on the other side of the world to each other. It is a modern book dealing with issues of separation and long-distance relationships that many young children have to face. I have used a classic, Barrie-esque voice in the narration because I love all that. As I can’t draw for toffee, Claire Spinks is currently working on some sample illustrations. It is my first collaboration, my first picture book and the first time I have crossed a genre. I’m so excited!

Watch this space! ‘The Awfully Large Space Between Us’ could be going somewhere 🙂

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