What to do when your ending sucks

What do you do?! What I’ve been doing mainly is burying my head in the other chapters, correcting typos and doing anything else I can think of. Why? Because I don’t know why my ending sucks. All I know is that my first readers and I were getting to the end of the book with a ‘meh’ rather than the ‘ohmygodIneedmoreofthis’ I was going for. But burying my head isn’t going to fix it. So! Here’s what I did to fix my ending. May it help you, if you ever have that hair-pulling scene you need to fix, but you just don’t know how to.

Step One – write down the facts up to that point. What are your characters’ current situations?Image

Step Two – write each point in the scene on a separate post-it note. This can be the stakes, a major event, a conversation – whatever drives the plot.

Step Three – write two alternatives to each of these points.

Step Four – choose one of these new points, and write the main events that would come after this if it was part of your story. I chose the first point as this was, I think, where things were going wrong.

Step Five – keep doing this until your brain figures it out. I found that after I had written that first alternative point, things started falling into place again. Hurrah!

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